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iPhone App Development

We’re a mobile app design and development company that makes sure apps not only work, but also succeed!

iPhone App Development

We are creating App masterpieces with Boutique designer and developer quality at a price of outsourced project execution.
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Accucia Softwares
Accucia Softwares


Accucia designs and develops beautiful iPhone and iPad apps with a focus on user experience, functional design and code-base performance. We deliver across a range of domains and mobile use cases, maintaining industry leadership in:


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ERP For HVAC Sector of USA Market
Maheshwari Samaj, Ahmednagar
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Our Customers Say

"Accucia proved to be a very capable and flexible company. Next to this, it is worth mentioning that Accucia has a rare, warm and polite human factor to offer, which makes working with them more enjoyable."
Accucia Softwares

Mr. Sandesh Pujare

Director, Prescient Group

Our Customers Say

"There was a real sense of partnership working with Team Accucia. The team is friendly and accountable, delivering on time and budget. I never felt left in the dark. Better yet, their creativity was incredible, coming up with out-of-the-box solutions which we really valued."
Accucia Softwares

Mr. Jain

Founder, Men@Work

Our Customers Say

“Accucia gives us a level of speed and flexibility in automating key business processes that we can’t get anywhere else.”
Accucia Softwares

Mr. Khatri

Operations Head, Global Group

Our Customers Say

"Accucia stands for the Accurate Solutions. You can see and feel the difference. They make apps that excite your eyes and set your thumbs on fire."
Accucia Softwares

Mr. Gandhi

Founder, Vera LED Lights.

Our Customers Say

“It’s truly a partnership with Accucia. It doesn’t feel like a client-vendor relationship because they’re fully incorporated into our team. They’re good, honest and full of integrity. We enjoyed working with them.”
Accucia Softwares

Mr. Sharad Saknure

Founder, Harsh Infomedia.

Our Customers Say

"Team Accucia served as a sort of incubator at the beginning of the project. The team always made themselves available and we were able to really work seamlessly."
Accucia Softwares

Dr. Sandip Kalokhe

Founder, Galaxy Hospital, Ahmednagar

Our Customers Say

“Together with Accucia we are streamlining our processes and transforming the way business is done.”
Accucia Softwares

Mr. Amol

Founder, ASK Computers

Our Customers Say

"Accucia at a service level looked like the best in terms of attention to detail. I think everything’s done well."
Accucia Softwares

Mr. Bhandari

PKB Group

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